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ReMarketing is born from a great passion for the classic cars and the modern ones. The founding members, who work with the utmost attention to detail, have always had the aim to become one of the most important industry players headquartered in Southern Italy, and have increasingly been recognized on the international market as reliable professionals in the sale and restoration cars.

1.850 sq.m. of passion

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The headquarter in Bari, covers an area of 10.000 sq.m. that includes a covered area of 1.850 sq.m., divided in bodywork department, mechanical workshop, garage, showroom and sales office.

A crew humming team

Our team includes craftsmen and professionals experts in vintage cars: auto bodyworkers, mechanics, painters, garage for electrical repairs and upholsterers. All of them in ReMarketing work with passion and mastery meeting the needs in order to make perfect the little jewels of cars that pass through their work, either  only for a little partial repair or for a complete vintage cars restoration.

The Cars

The proposed models for sale, new, restored or to restore, are displayed in the big Showroom in Bari Torre a Mare; unique cars of all types are like little jewels: modern or vintage cars, golden plates and rare models of vintage cars, perfectly restored by specialized professionals who, with the utmost care, can satisfy any kind of customer, especially the most demanding one.

Latest inserted models

Classic Cars purchase

re you interested in selling your car? Send us some representative photos, insert your data and a brief description of the car, we will contact you in a few days and, if interested, we’ll make you an offer but first, we’ll have to obtain some information, also because for us it’s important to know the car conditions and the history of the vehicle and verify that the documentation and the history of the vehicle for sale are in order and original.

Assistance and Restoration

In ReMarketing we carry out partial and complete restorations, it is our passion, what we can do best. Our team is made up of professionals with a long experience in the field, specialized technicians who follow expertly all the operational stages, from the preliminaries ones that are the analysis of the vehicle, historical research and study-we have an important library supplied of original text books published by manufacturers and about specific cars-to those of car restoration and mechanics, according to our strict internal rules. The business is under exam to obtain some of the most important quality certifications.


Milano Autoclassica 2017

English version under construction.  ReMArketing presente alla settima edizione del Salone Milano AutoClassica, ben 64.628 visitatori hanno potuto apprezzare le auto esposte.

Gran Premio di Bari 2017

English version under construction. ReMarketing a fianco dell’Old Cars Club, organizzatore del Gran Premio di Bari, il prestigioso evento che rievoca il Gran premio di Bari quest’anno festeggia i settant’anni dal primo Gran premio, disputato a Bari il 13 luglio 1947.


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